Huchuy Qosqo Trek

   Cusco, Peru
   Moderate difficulty
   16 km
   3000 to 4400 meters

About the Journey:

Huchuy Qosqo is the most important archaeological center in the Sacred Valley along with Ollantaytambo and Pisac. It is located at 3,600 metres, and its name translates to “Little Cusco”. Its buildings have been built on polished stone bases with clay plaster, and the highest floors are made of adobe. The Hispanic chronicles refer that is was the favorite work place of the Inca Wiracocha. It is said that after the Conquest, Gonzalo Pizarro found here the mummy that supposedly belonged to the Inca Wiracocha and ordered to burn it.

Options:1 day
16 km

Day 1:

The trek starts from Piuray Lake at 3,600m (located in Chinchero), crossing an Inca trail where you will observe snow-capped peaks and lakes. We will then hike uphill for 2 hours until reaching 4,400 metres, the highest point. We will then descend into the valley, seeing how the landscape dramatically changes from arid moutons to green mountains. After an hour of descend, you will get a first glimpse of the Sacred Valley and Huchuy Qosco. We will then continue for another house downhill until arriving to the ruins, where we will do a small tour and have lunch enjoying an amazing scenery. Finally, we will descend for 2 hours into Lamay, where a private transportation will return us to Cusco city.


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What's Included:

A Reputable Guide

All of the guides at Runnatrip are English speaking (fluently, not casually) and are officially certified guides which is important because a lot of tour operators will use non-certified guides because it is cheaper. Our guides are experts in these treks and will make you feel both safe and welcomed. You have the option to meet your guide in our office prior to your trek so you can learn more about what you should expect on your journey. This is very much encouraged, but not required.


Transportation is included from your hotel or hostal in Chachapoyas to the start of the trek in Leymebamba, and from the end of trek back to Chachapoyas city. This is usually a private car or van depending on the number of travelers.


All entrance/trek fees are covered. You are good if you bring no cash at all. However, tip is always appreciated by the guides/porters.

What to Bring

Hiking clothes, comfortable hiking boots, rain gear, trekking poles, water, sunglasses

Boxed Lunch

Vegetarian or special menus are available at no extra cost

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