Landscape view of the Santa Cruz Trek
Santa Cruz Trek

4 days - 3 nights

$ per person

Santa Cruz Trek

  4 days - 3 nights
  Huaraz, Peru
  Moderate difficulty

About the Journey:

Our classic 4 day Santa Cruz trek may be one of the most beautiful hikes in the world (or so we like to think!). Immerse yourself in rolling mountains, colorful landscapes, sapphire-blue lakes, and incredible scenery with each passing step. Although this is a moderate to difficult hike, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world - or at least on top of Punta Union, where you’ll be rewarded with some of the world’s most spectacular views. This trek is perfect for those who are looking for an intense tour with an amazing reward!

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Once your payment is done, you spot will be automatically reserved. However, please keep in mind that we require at least three people for any departures to be confirmed. For more information please visit our Cancellation Policy


Day 1:

We will depart from your hotel at Huaraz early in the morning and drive to Caraz, and into the valley of Llanganuco (4-5 hour drive). We start our trek descending to the village of Huaripampa, going through the local community where we will get to appreciate their traditional houses, farmland and colorful garment. We will then descend to Paria, to our first campsite, located at 3800m (4-5 hour hike).

Day 2:

We will start the day hiking towards Punta Union (4,750m), the highest point of our trek. We will enjoy panoramic views down the Santa Cruz Valley, appreciating the majestic peaks of Paria and Taulliraju surrounded by andean vegetation. Following the route, the Artesonraju, Huaripampa, Alpamayo and Chacraraju peaks will all come into view. We will then descend to Taullipampa (4250m) to set up the tents and spend the night.

Day 3:

We will hike approximately 5 hours to our last camp at Llamacorral (3750m). We will enjoy the views of the Artesonraju, Quitaraju and Santa Cruz mountains and also pass the beautiful lakes of Arhuaycocha, Hatuncocha and Ischicocha. These incredible turquoise lakes holds the best views of the Cordillera Blanca.

Day 4:

On our last day, we will wake up and enjoy a breakfast surrounded by spectacular views. We will then descend for approximately 3 hours to Cashapampa, where a private transportation will be arranged to take us back to Huaraz.

What's Included:

A Reputable Guide:

All of the guides at Runnatrip are English speaking (fluently, not casually) and are officially certified guides which is important because a lot of tour operators will use non-certified guides because it is cheaper. Our guides are experts in these treks and will make you feel both safe and welcomed. You have the option to meet your guide in our office prior to your trek so you can learn more about what you should expect on your journey. This is very much encouraged, but not required.


Transportation is included from your hotel to the start of trek and from the end of trek to plaza de armas. This is usually a private van. Treks that include Machu Picchu also include the cost of the train ticket into the ruins.

All Fees:

All entrance/trek fees are covered. You are good if you bring no cash at all. However, tip is always appreciated by the guides/porters.

Evacuation Plan & Safety:

There will be at least one horse just in case of accidents, so people can be evacuated fast. We will also have a first aid kit and oxygen tank with us as well.

People per tour:

We operate with a minium of 3 and a maximum of 8 trekkers per tour. On the other hand, we also provide other options offered privately. Just send as an email.

All Food and Water:

The mules will be carrying all of the food we will need during the trek. The food is typical camping food like soup, noodles, chicken, beans, rice, fruits, vegetables, tea and coffee. We also provide vegetarian/vegan options – we just need to know in advance. We will also boil clean water to drink each morning and evening, but be sure to bring your own container.

Camping Equipment:

We spent the nights in campsites. We provide 4-season tents and sleeping mats, tables (varies between treks), chairs, and cooking equipment. Each night we will set up a community tent where we will have dinner and enjoy each other’s company before we head off to bed/go our separate ways for the night. Porters/cookes/mules to carry the equipments and handle logistics. (depending on the trek, mules can carry up to 10kg of your personal stuff (your tent will already be carried)).

Porters/cookes/mules to carry the equipments and handle logistics. (depending on the trek, mules can carry up to 5kg of your personal stuff (your tent will already be carried)).

What to Bring:

Comfortable and moisture wicking clothing, hiking boots, sleeping bag, toilet paper, trekking poles, lightweight sandals (to hang around campsite), bottle/container for water.

What Not to Bring:

Jeans, heavy books, laptop, knives, drugs, alcohol, and babies.


Peru´s official currency is the “Nuevo Sol” (S/.)”, which its exchange rate to US Dollars is US$1 = 3.3 soles. Both currencies are accepted in most places